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What Our Fans Are Saying About Sambazina

I had such a wonderful time dancing with Marizete. She is a wonderful samba teacher and she is very patient for new dancers like me. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to have such a great experience dancing samba with such an exceptional dance teacher. 5 our of 5 is my rating.

June 21, 2018

Hairaly V.

Thank you for teaching me to forró and making class fun.  You are a wonderful teacher and so nice!  You have a kind of personality that makes people feel like they've known you forever.  I really enjoyed your class 🙂 it made dancing later with the more experienced dancers much easier!

Lauren Abuouf, Apr 27, 2015

Thank you again for an amazing experience! You were wonderful, a joy to work with and excellent with the learners.

Feb 24, 2015- Samba Class for the event SUPER SÁBADO: Carnaval! Saturday, February 21 at El Museo Del Barrio


I look forward to Marizete's forró and samba de gafieira classes every week.  She is a fantastic teacher -- patient and energetic, and excellent at breaking down the steps for you.  She will make a dancer out of anybody!  And the Sambazina group that she has fostered is a warm and open place to make great friends.

Laurie L.- Feb 16, 2015

Marizete is an incredible teacher! She is attentive, perfectionist and vivacious. She pushes you to give your best every time. And the classes have a formidable atmosphere with super cool mates. I highly recommend her forro and samba classes!

João Victor-Feb 13, 2015

My eyes surveyed the movements of my fellow Samba dancers - what expressive

footwork, hips and facial features they all had! I felt at ease during the warm-up, not

as a result of my experience dancing Samba, but because of the music and energy

that flooded the room. No one seemed to care if I, or anyone else, had ever danced

these steps before; it was a time for everyone to celebrate and have fun.

The goal of the evening seemed to be simple: to enjoy, wholeheartedly, a shared

experience of movement with others, all in a way that reflected strength, sensuality,

beauty and happiness.

I danced the Samba de Gafieira with men and women alike, and learned from each of

them. I was taught the importance of the stillness of chest, the tightness of steps, the

strength of the arms. How awesome it was to dance with strangers (just briefly

strangers!) in such an intimate, yet still comfortable, way.

One of the most thrilling moments of the evening was dancing with Marizete; she

was so passionate and filled with such energy and confidence! I absorbed her spirit

immediately (it’s undeniable), and my physical response was thrill and liberation.

I was so drawn to the openness of this Brazilian Samba community. Although I’ve

never been to Brazil, I feel like I’ve already gotten a taste. My conversations with

others have painted similar pictures for me – Brazil as a warm, enlivening place, a

place no one ever wants to leave. The reason must be the music and dancing… these

performance arts that make everyone feel so alive.


Kelly, NYC (At the Sambazina Social)- Dec 17, 2014

If you are looking for a very good samba teacher, very nice and passionnate in NYC come to Marizete's lessons!! All the students are nice and Marizete do her best for you feel comfortable and confident in her class! And it works! Thank you so much Marizete! I will miss you...

N'Deye - Feb 9, 2015

I needed a brake form the grind of work and figured what better than to learn something new. A friend recommended Marizete a teacher of the Brazilian dance forró. After one class I was hooked. She's a great teacher she taught me how to hold a women and how to control and move her.(theres always room for improvement ) I will recommend her to all my friends.

Benito C.- Feb 6, 2015

Marizete isn't only a great dance teacher but also a community builder who takes her students to live music events to further encourage their learning. Her classes go way beyond the studio room.
In fact, I could write a very emotional testimony on how learning forró with Marizete opened a new world to me and changed my life forever. But, as a starter not at all familiar with dancing, I also searched for an objective explanation of what made her seem such a great teacher to me. I've found it in "The Little Book of Talent", by Daniel Coyle, which teaches how to improve skills of any kind. According to the book, a good teacher is someone who
1) watches you closely
2) is action oriented
3) is honest on her feedback
4) gives short, clear, individualized directions
5) loves teaching fundamentals
I can tell you that Marizete meets all those requirements. Above all, the book says, a good teacher is the one who never let you rest on your comfortable zone. I've tried doing that many times with Marizete, just to see her presenting me with a new challenge.

Luis Garcia -- Jan. 2, 2015

I love Marizete! And I'm so proud to call her my dance teacher! Marizete teaches samba and forro in a way that every level can improve or learn steps for the first time. She is elegant and teaches her men how to lead very well, and teaches the women how to make the dance their own. Marizete's style is elegant and fun, and she has created a very nice community in her class and in the clubs. I recommend her to anyone that is looking to dance samba and forro in NYC. You will meet very good people here!

Irene Walsh, Dec 9, 2014

Forró classes with Marizete on Wednesdays is always one of the highlights of my week! She is a skillful instructor who knows how to encourage and engage her students. The classes are fun, friendly, and high-spirited. If you've never danced before or if you have any interest in learning a beautiful style of Brazilian dance, this class is most definitely worth your time and money.

Giuseppe Céspedes – Dec 4, 2014

Fun Classes and great teacher with lots of energy!  Definitely a highlight of my week.  I always look forward to the samba classes.  Que coisa mais linda!

Eugene Jose – Dec 4, 2014

Muito bom!
Marizete is an excellent and fun teacher. We learn a lot of steps of forro and samba during the classes; and even better, we can practice them during Social Event she organizes as well. Marizete has a very good energy. She makes it easy for beginners so you have no excuse not to join. Just come and enjoy. The group of students is very fun too 🙂 The location of the classes is very central and easy access, beautiful studio.
I love going to her classes, my favorite dance is Samba de Gafieira.
Thanks a lot Marizete!!!!

Veronique Derym - Dec 7, 2014

“I absolutely loved taking classes with Marizete.  She really helped me to break out of my shell and become less shy while dancing.  She is able, in a short time, to get students to melt the details of dance into fluid, beautiful, effortless movement.”

Jamie Jones - September 14, 2012

“Marizete is a great dancer, a warm and beautiful presence, and one of those rare people that can translate her talent to the classroom: she makes learning dance clear and easy.”

Jim Bulgatz - July 24, 2012

“And thank you to the fabulous #Riverswing #forro dance instructor – Marizete Browne — inspiring moves, contagious energy!!! @quartetoolinda.”

The Levitt Pavilion For The Performing Arts - Jul 18, 2012

“Marizete’s class - Definitely the best part of my week...”

Matan Hammer - Oct 23, 2012

"Marizete oozes happiness, fun and sense of community at all of her events!"

Ed Boyak - Feb 15, 2009.

"I had my first dance class ever at Marizete's Samba de Gafieira class. Everybody there was friendly and the lesson was easy to pick up. I look forward to learning to dance in her classes."

Chad Rupnarine - Feb 8, 2014

"Marizete’s classes are not only a treasure of New York, but also an escape to Brazil.  For a small part of each week, you could be dancing samba gafiera as if you were at an Arte Deco dancehall in Rio de Janeiro or dancing forró as if you were at a barbecue on a farm along Brazil’s northeast coast.

Marizete’s classes become a special time of your week when your only responsibilities are to perfect dance steps like the “mochila” (backpack) or the “caminho do malandro” (malandro’s walk).   They are good for your body and soul.  Yet, Marizete’s classes are not only an escape.  They are also a great window into the various concerts, salons and Brazilian dance events in New York City.

As an instructor, Marizete is exacting and meticulous, so she will insist that you learn the steps and do them correctly.  However, she is also patient, passionate about dance, and passionate about helping her students to learn.

I highly recommend classes with the Sambazina to anyone who seeks to expand their horizons, set aside time for a moment of calm, or get to know a great community for enjoying Brazilian music in New York City."

Ernest Poole, Oct 22, 2014

"Marizete's passion for dance is contagious! She is a gifted professional dancer, so watching her demonstrate moves in class is like a mini performance every time. Marizete is so clear and easy to follow with her movements—truly a master of teaching all levels. I started studying Forro and Samba de Gafiera February of this year, and soon felt very comfortable taking the dance outside the classroom, following leads from many different dance backgrounds and styles.
I highly recommend studying with Marizete, she has helped me build confidence and grace on and off the dance floor, all with a sense of humor and while having fun!"
Ariel Lapidus, Oct 16, 2014

"Marizete and Kilby’s partner samba class is always one of the highlights of Midsummer Night Swing. Dancers of all ages and skill levels had a blast learning how to samba. It was one of our most highly attended dance lessons of the season this year!”

Jill Sternheimer – Producer, Public Programming, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - Aug 13, 2014

Marizete is a great dancer and teacher,patient ,enthusiasm and a good friend and much more ... Thank you to be my dearest teacher , love you !

Rosanni Da Silva, Aug 7, 2012

"Marizete is a great dancer. She knows how to motivate and guide you for the best. Always a great positive person ! Big Smile!!!"
Adriana Matos - Jul 3, 2014

Marizete is simply a wonderful teacher, performer, and choreographer. She has the rare ability to be both enthusiastic and patient, and her creativity and presence as a dancer offers an amazing model to her students!

Claudia Tatinge, Aug 5, 2012

Marizete is a great friend and excelent teacher ! She puts her heart and talent in everything she does. 100 % recommended !

Marcia Angelim, Aug 4, 2012

Delighted by the sounds of Brazilian music and love of dance, Marizete has perfected a way to bring these two art forms together for her students in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. She instantaneously inspires those in her presence to move as she does, with grace and poise, feeling the rhythm of every beat.

Marizete imparts her relentless energy with her students in a way that ignites a soulful connection to the music. It is absolutely impossible to watch her dance and not feel the desire to move along with her. Her style captures the beauty and essence of the art exactly as it was intended.

Looking forward to the upcoming Forro class this Sunday, July 29, 2012!

-Rose July 27, 2012

“ Great group! Marizete is a great instructor and you can just feed out of her energy. If you are like me, who hates boring workouts but want to get in shape this is the class for you! ”

— Juliana, Oct 8, 2008.

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