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Brazilian Dance Classes Styles: A Brief Introduction

Samba no pé is a solo dance and most well known from the Carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro.  This joyful solo samba is also danced alone or with groups of friends on the streets and in the clubs in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil.

Samba de Gafieira is a partner dance that comes out of the ballrooms of Rio de Janeiro in the 1940’s. It’s name comes from the Gafieira, the name of the nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro or the dance hall where it is performed. Samba de Gafieira is different from International Ballroom Samba and has its roots in the Maxixe (predecessor of the samba), and other European dance styles. It is a very playful and beautiful social dance that can be danced to almost all kinds of samba songs, such as Bossa Nova, pagode, samba canção, choro and other fast-paced sambas.

Forró is a popular couples dance out of Northeast Brazil. It is danced all over Brazil, and has become all the rage in New York City. Some people say that the word “forró” comes from the English words “for all”, which meant that everyone was welcome to the parties organized by the English, who were building roads in Northeast Brazil, and holding parties for their Brazilian employees. But the word “forró”, probably comes from the word “forrobodó”, which meant the popular parties powered by music, dance and “cachaça” (Brazilian sugarcane rum). A Forró band is usually comprised of an accordion, a zambumba (drum), and a triangle.

Group Class Pricing

One Group Class 1 hr/wk for 4 wks $75
Beginners / Non Beginners
Two Group Classes 2 hrs/wk for 4 wks $135
Beginners / Non Beginners
One Dance Workshop 2 hrs per Wks $35
Beginners / Non Beginners
*Monthly Social Non Students $10

Private Class / Wedding Packages

Marizete also offers private class.

– In case you desire more individual attention or prefer to study at your own pace.
– You benefit from the 100% attention of your instructor and spend the entire time working on exactly what you need.
– Private lessons are by appointment, and are 55 minutes long.
– There are no refunds. 24-hour notice of cancellation or lesson change must be given in order to receive credit for a scheduled lesson.
– Payment can be made on line, cash or credit card. Payment has to be made prior to final confirmation. 

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Wedding “First Dance” Lessons   

Create a truly special moment with something different from the crowd. Learn a First dance that brings a Brazilian flair and passionate groove to your wedding reception. You can learn two dance styles:

Dance the Samba de Gafieira to the sultry sounds of Bossa Nova in a romantic couples dance from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dance Forró, a cozy and fun dance from the Northeast of Brazil.

If you like we can help you to choose the best song that fits with your love story and personalities.

Call 201-452-5059 now to make your appointment.

* 1 (one) single private dance lesson: $90

Package # 1
  • you save $25 
  • 5 (five)
  • private dance lessons
  • discounted price
Package # 2
  • you save $100 
  • 10 (ten)
  • private dance lessons
  • discounted price
Package # 3
  • you save $300 
  • 20 (twenty)
  • private dance lessons
  • discounted price

“Gift Certificates” are available for purchase

Gift Certificate

If you wish to give a gift to someone you love buy a Gift Certicate of dance. Choose: Group class, One Private Lesson or Packages of Private Lessons

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